Wednesday, June 04, 2014

~Lady in Black~

She could see them…
Making love and cozying up in each other’s arms.
Little did they know about the future and they did not worry.
She took a step forward.
Her black lacy dress felt like black clouds.
She saw their little puppy playing with the colorful ball.
She felt pity.
Pity isn't really her nature.
They looked through her.
Her fingers clenched.
Her eyes twinkled.
The puppy started barking.
The couple left the bed to see outside.
She knew this is the time…
She felt pity for the puppy.
But it is not the ideal time…
She has more important work to do…


Her name is “Death”….


Anita said...

Great description. Death comes & just kills...

Nabanita Dutta said...

thanks a lot Anita. :)
actually, it was a disturbing dream came to me last night... so with little bit changes I thought of posting it. :)