Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I don't always tell you,
That the joy you bring;
Brightened my way...

I don't always tell you,
Your smile...
Makes me smile;
The tears you've made
Happy by sharing
You cared...

I don't always tell you,
That the love you give
Brightened everyday I live.

I don't always tell you,
That you eyes...
Touche my senses;
Gives me comfort,
With hugs and kisses.

Makes me feel you closer...
Even when you are too far;
But the most important of all
You cherish my hopes and dreams.

I don't always tell you,
How much I love you
The memories we've known
All the laughter and fun.

And I just want to say
On this day, I set apart...
Darling I love you..
With all my heart.

Friday, April 18, 2008


It kills my life,
With a sharp knife!
Blood flows everyside;
And I scream everynight.

Every new day,
Comes with same old ray;
I wish it to turn night;
Mystic starry and bright.
Life stops me then...
With illusions
To capture my brain.
Hope and dreams to
Hold me back;
Courage to break them...
I alwayz lack.

Losing my mind it seems
Or just another illuding scream!
Lost as dark is lost in dark;
Invisible as spark
Is visible in sparks.

Closing my eyes....
I wont do;
As I call it desert of life...
and I want to know...

I want to know
The end of pain;
Want to know where...
Happiness in tears do rain!!!

Want to send u...
The Rainy smell;
To ring your heart's bell.
To let you know...
It's life - taught me....
To love you