Thursday, June 28, 2007


Some bloody things I need to say,
Please don't runaway...
When you come closer
I wanna love you forever...

I wish I was your love
I wish you were mine.
I watch your smile;
I watch when you are crying.
Oh! I wish you were mine!

And then...
Life took an "U"-turn;
I couldn't find the way to return.
I was stuck in that dark!!!
Couldn't even see any mark...

I was lost inside myself,
Emptiness hold innerself.
Tired I was...broken from inside
Just then you came like a lightening tide!!!

I was crying in the dark...was trying to hold on
No one could hear...I was all alone...
All that I craved someone to love...
You make me close my eyes...and hold your hand
I...that time felt your warmth...

A new path you made...saved me from death;
Came so closer...became my lover.
Now something...i wanna say...
I know you won't runaway...
All I need is you...only you;
Oh darling! be mine...I love you.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Life has become a medley
Of pain and tear.
Nothing did seem clear.
Everything became so obscure
And dark…
Even light used to make me nark!!!
Was lost inside a maze;
Wish I could become raze.
But I got over;
Didn’t end my life with
A razor!!!
And then I saw another sight
So full of light;
With no grudges of past
I stand up from the
Poisonous dust…
And there began a new journey,
With love, faith and trust.