Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Dear Mom,

I am growing up, everyday, bit by bit.
I am now feeling when you are sad, when happy.
I can hear you talking to papa.
Mom, I can now feel my hands and legs. Here everything is dark, but very comfortable.
When you rub your hand on me from outside, I sleep comfortably. I cannot wait for the day when I will come out and see you. I think you will be happy to see me too. I will be a girl, just like you.

Mom, are you unhappy? I do not feel your hand anymore.
Mom, what are you talking about with papa?
Mom, do you not want me? Do you not want me to see?
Mom, am I causing you so much pain?
Mom, they are sucking me out with high pressure.
Mom!!!! I don't want to leave you!!
Mom!!! Stop this pressure.
Save me!!!
Save me!!!


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Crimson- tiny tale

Not long ago, the color crimson used to appeal so much to your eyes. My crimson dress, the punishment I got from you, my crimson lipstick, the natural crimson flowing from the corner of my mouth! What happened now, don’t you like crimson anymore? She looked back at the wall again.

“Dissociative personality disorder” The doctor sighed.

Happy birthday, darling. He murmured and left the visiting area.

The crimson rose remained untouched on the table.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Invitation - tiny tale

The wedding invitation remained the only heavy object on table. The sandwiches took ages to reach.

She, ran out of words.
He, time.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Unreal- Tiny Tale

Your little black dress, black kohl n wine red lips told me the end was near.
The ice shattered in the whiskey, and my guts were shattered too!

Unreal, how time flies! Unreal how we move on and meet in a different timezone! Unreal, how the eyes that gave me all the warmth once now gives me chill!!

Monday, May 04, 2015

when the world shatters!

The shattering sound of the broken glass woke her up! Where was she!! It took her a few seconds to gain back the composer.

The room was illuminated soothingly and she cut his legs from the broken piece of the whiskey glass. She didn't realize when she dozed off and now the room suddenly feels quieter.

The clock struck 2'o clock at night!

She had to change her dress. The rooms seemed empty. She look at the picture of him on the wall. She touched her own belly.

The blade was still shining on the table. Her hand didn't tremble anymore.

The earthquake took everything from her.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

~aagomoni ~

Tui bolli jhor,
vablam aaj monei uthuk;
Venge dik sobhoyota,
notun shobdo goruk.

achhonno raater bukey,
sobhyotar beej bopon;
tor chokhe juddho joy,
amaar, atmo-somorpon!