Monday, May 19, 2014

The unconscious!

What kind of a room is this??
I cannot see any door…
I do not even remember how have I ended here!!

Where is it??
Am I dead?
What happened to me??

The dim blue light is making me sick!
There is a small round table in the middle.
With a teapot and cup. Black.

Should I drink it?
I am thirsty.
I might already be dead!

Am I??

NOO, I can’t be…
Let’s drink it…
There was a cricking sound I can hear…Some movement in front of me…

There is someone!!! No, Some people…
Aahhhh….ME!! all of them are me!!
I must be losing my sanity, these are just mirrors!!

Why am I in a mirrored room!!
I think the tea would make me feel good.
Am I dreaming!!!

How all my shadows are walking, dancing and looking at me??!!
I feel somebody!
Somebody behind!!

WHAT'S HAPPE…………………………………………!!!!

Friday, May 09, 2014

D.I.A.R.Y- Dear I’ll Always Remember You


Right in front of me!!
From the long lost memories!!!
The pages were burnt!!
The pages that I took the pain to burn off!!
The pages that were lost!!!

My diary!!
The age to be vulnerable!!
The age to be immature!!
The age to love!!
The age to get the heart broken!!
Yes, 18!!!
I poured my heart out in you.
I cried in front of you!
I conspired with you!!

You saw…
You listened!!
You saw me killing myself!!
You said nothing!!
You were my secret!!
My sweet little secret!!
You were my friend!!
My trusted friend!!

And then you are right here in front of me!!
After so many years!!
Black, maroon, green and red!!
The pages, the secrets, the tears!!
Time to burn them all again!!
Bury them with all the words, hidden inside.
My Diary-
Dear I’ll Always Remember You!

Friday, May 02, 2014

Dark side

The room was dimly lit.
She couldn't see anything though.
Her hands were tied.
She felt dizzy. Confused.
The lizard from the ceiling was looking at her.
She was scared.
She had no idea, how did she end up there.
Her body was aching but she couldn't move.
Her legs were tied too.
She heard a sound and somebody entered the room.
The touch in her legs scared her.
She couldn't see the face.
Her legs are untied now and the hand between her legs made her feel sick.
She couldn't shout. Her lips felt sore.
She felt the disgusting touch in her whole body.
She wanted to die.
Death wasn't kind to her.
She got gang raped.

In another world,
People said, the girl was too modern and character less and must have eloped.
Her would be groom smiled that no one noticed.
A whole family committed suicide.
They lost their daughter 2 days before her marriage.
She was gang raped.