Tuesday, July 29, 2008


What is terrorism? Terrorism involves extraordinary brutality. It is intended to create enormous fear and involves a planned attack for a purpose, often against something or someone. But sometimes for no reason also. Terrorism is a show full of violence. There is no difference between the motives of various terrorist attacks. Only the way of execution is different. The terrorists want to create fear so that leadership will be questioned. The terrorists want an audience such as a rival ethnic group, a religious group, or an entire country. The terrorists want this audience to experience far-reaching fear.

Who is called “Terrorist?” For some The Iraqi’s are terrorists. But for the Iraqi’s it’s America. Well there is no internationally agreed definition for this. But for us the word terrorist brings fear. Fear of losing our dear and near one’s and even our own lives.

Terrorism reminds us 9/11, it reminds us UN blast in Baghdad. And not to forget what happened few days ago in Bangalore.

The word “suicide bomber” creates panic in our heart. We saw, we read and we fear.

But nobody tries to look inside. Why this crusade of terrorism?

Inadequate democracy and corrupt standards of governance in many Islamic countries may also be a contributory factor in the supply of self killing bombers. Young people who are at a loss dislocated from the state and its institutions are vulnerable to the false promises of jihadism.

We know “Al-Qaeda”, Talibani’s and “Jihadi’s” . But we don’t identify with their motives. But do they identify with ours?

Instead what we are doing is “Counter-Terrorism”.

That means we are terrorist too. Are we?

For us “no, we are not”. For them “yes, we are”.

With this world full of terrorists the mantra became “We will kill them all”.