Monday, December 01, 2008


Jolechhilo dhuper kathi ta...

Aami boli...

Tumi bolle...
Jibon pore na...manush-i poraye..
Abar manush-i jol diye banchaye!!

Kintu amaar chokh bole...
purchhe jibon...manusher......
purchhe manush-o.....
manushe e poray....manush e pore....
kokhono bhitore...kokhono baaire
kokhono soshobde....kokhono ba nirobe

Tumi maante chao na...bole otho..
Abar manush-i banchaye....manush-i hashaye...
Manush-i agun nebhaye...

Haanste thaaki shune...Bole uthi..
Agun jaliye.....Manush-e nevaay
Betha diye... sei komay...
Manush e bachhay....kintu sei to kaanday!!

Shada canvas e...kaalo kaali....
aami boli aandhar...tumi bolo chhaya
noshto chhobi...
Aami boli aborjona...
Tumi bolo maya...

Hothat dur er majhe...
Dur digonte shada-kaalo...
Aami boli raat naamchhe...
Tumi bolo; sondhe elo...

Aaj hothat sab elomelo.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

~The green leaf~

The green leaf
And the black eye;
Create a sensation
With a hidden sigh!!!

Holding hands
Or kissing again;
Heart is crying
It’s all about brain!!!

Nice words
Long lost music
Lost somewhere
Like a broken brick!!!

Silence silence
Come to me please;
I am lost in sound
Let my heart release!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008


I have been through darkness...
I have been through deadly downs;
Then I have seen a new sunrise...
Now, life doesn't seem like a clown.

I want to get back the love...
Tell me the way to your heart;
Show me the inspiration,
Not just another negotiation.

Do not just be there in the night...
Be there even in the daylight;
Not only the darkness of my life...
But also the ups and downs of twilight.

I know........
I've blown many options...
Some of my own creations;
Today, I just need some inspiration;
Don't give me another negotiation.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

~Khuje Dekha~

Kokhono bristi veja ekla mathe bose
Kokhono ba dhu dhu roddur makha
Duto haat bujhi koto kacha kachi
kokhono ba noishobder ojanay vese....

niribili eka pothe haanta
ba tomar chokhe chokh rakha...
kobitar khata niye vaabi
bastob naki chupkotha?

pashapashi koto poth chola;
kohkono ba sudhu bose thaka...
aadh khaoa coffee cup chhuye...
sporshe te valobasha makha.

dekhecho ki bhirer majhe khuje
valobasha hariyeche kotha?
hoyto ba sudhu lukochuri
Chhuye dekha kichhu govirota...

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Charidike stobdhota!
Nei sei mughdhota;

Khoniker kothokota,

Veja chokhe nirobota
Obujh ek katorota.

Thonte sudhu chupkotha
Otit er haansimakha.

Hariye khuji setha;
Lukiye aache jetha...

Purono mughdhota...
Kichhu kotha...Betha...
Ar Valobasha....

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


What is terrorism? Terrorism involves extraordinary brutality. It is intended to create enormous fear and involves a planned attack for a purpose, often against something or someone. But sometimes for no reason also. Terrorism is a show full of violence. There is no difference between the motives of various terrorist attacks. Only the way of execution is different. The terrorists want to create fear so that leadership will be questioned. The terrorists want an audience such as a rival ethnic group, a religious group, or an entire country. The terrorists want this audience to experience far-reaching fear.

Who is called “Terrorist?” For some The Iraqi’s are terrorists. But for the Iraqi’s it’s America. Well there is no internationally agreed definition for this. But for us the word terrorist brings fear. Fear of losing our dear and near one’s and even our own lives.

Terrorism reminds us 9/11, it reminds us UN blast in Baghdad. And not to forget what happened few days ago in Bangalore.

The word “suicide bomber” creates panic in our heart. We saw, we read and we fear.

But nobody tries to look inside. Why this crusade of terrorism?

Inadequate democracy and corrupt standards of governance in many Islamic countries may also be a contributory factor in the supply of self killing bombers. Young people who are at a loss dislocated from the state and its institutions are vulnerable to the false promises of jihadism.

We know “Al-Qaeda”, Talibani’s and “Jihadi’s” . But we don’t identify with their motives. But do they identify with ours?

Instead what we are doing is “Counter-Terrorism”.

That means we are terrorist too. Are we?

For us “no, we are not”. For them “yes, we are”.

With this world full of terrorists the mantra became “We will kill them all”.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Dark cloud
In the sky;
Days are hot
Bright and dry!!!

End seemed so near;
Yet I survived
Out of fear.

Fire and smoke;
Burn my eyes!!!
My heart cries.

Crazy to solve the jigsaw
Day by day
Life has become
A seesaw.

Burning pain
All the time;
Living life...
Seems like crime.

Fighting it
Became my trend...
Can't help...
Itz life...My best friend.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I don't always tell you,
That the joy you bring;
Brightened my way...

I don't always tell you,
Your smile...
Makes me smile;
The tears you've made
Happy by sharing
You cared...

I don't always tell you,
That the love you give
Brightened everyday I live.

I don't always tell you,
That you eyes...
Touche my senses;
Gives me comfort,
With hugs and kisses.

Makes me feel you closer...
Even when you are too far;
But the most important of all
You cherish my hopes and dreams.

I don't always tell you,
How much I love you
The memories we've known
All the laughter and fun.

And I just want to say
On this day, I set apart...
Darling I love you..
With all my heart.

Friday, April 18, 2008


It kills my life,
With a sharp knife!
Blood flows everyside;
And I scream everynight.

Every new day,
Comes with same old ray;
I wish it to turn night;
Mystic starry and bright.
Life stops me then...
With illusions
To capture my brain.
Hope and dreams to
Hold me back;
Courage to break them...
I alwayz lack.

Losing my mind it seems
Or just another illuding scream!
Lost as dark is lost in dark;
Invisible as spark
Is visible in sparks.

Closing my eyes....
I wont do;
As I call it desert of life...
and I want to know...

I want to know
The end of pain;
Want to know where...
Happiness in tears do rain!!!

Want to send u...
The Rainy smell;
To ring your heart's bell.
To let you know...
It's life - taught me....
To love you

Sunday, March 09, 2008

~Blank Thoughts~

It sometimes takes me
By surprize...
Your eyes hit Just between
My eyes.
A smile and
Small kiss for me
Sometime feels
So dreamy!!!
And when
the dreams comes true...
It seems closing my eyes
To not to feel blue.

Always l will be here,
Holding hands forever
coloring your silence
Removing all the tears,
My heart will be here
waiting for you;
Only for you dear...

Saturday, January 26, 2008


When afternoon comes
to meet evening...
The wind starts flirting
Silence starts singing;
Loneliness laughing!

My anger feels nothing.

Rain starts dancing;
Birds are partying...

Anger denies everything.

The winter breeze
Washes my tear...
And bring to me
A flowing river...

Darkness thickens
Becomes darker...
And suddenly
It was full of cracker!!!

Love speaks;

"Life full of lights,
Look at it;
Starry and so bright..."

Tears start vanishing
And becomes pearl...when
Moon sent his message
"Look at me...My girl"

I felt warmth
And close my eyes;
Felt your kiss
On my lips.

Don't come...
Screams anger!!!
Love smiles;
"Come closer"...

Night comes
With magical moonbeam
And we slept...
Inside our dream...

Friday, January 18, 2008


Monta udaas holo abaar,
Ure chole gelo bohudur,
Haaralo se koto ochena;
Koto nishobdo ekla dupur...

Ami bose roi saanjher aashay;
Jodi ase se sujan-majhi,
Koto dheu periye ochenar khoje
Niye jete hobe raaji...

Aami konodin dub dite chaini,
Jete chaaini otoler gohone;
Tobu dube gechi kaalo joler niche,
Mishe gechi jibon- morone...

Aaj bose aachhi tor dike taakiye;
Bariyechi mor haat;
Jete chas jodi aye mor saathe,
Hoyto Kete jaabe ei raat...

Monday, January 07, 2008

Journey~ towards=====>???

Erokom keno hoy je amra ja bhabi seta hoy na?
Jeta korte chai seta korte paari na?
Erokom keno hoy je amader past ta read-only, r future ta not accessible?

Jaanina, hoyto amader mon ta sab somoy jeta kothin jeta jana nei sei ojanar dike tene niye jay...
sobai kei ki niye jay?
naki sudhu amaake?

Proshno gulor utor paoa keno jay na?
Din er por din jokhon prosno gulo moner modhye ghore uttor gulo paoa jay na...
Tarpor jedin prosno gulo palte jay uttor ta tokhon keno paai?

Xam sesh hobar por ki ar sei prosno gulor value thaake?

Tobe amaar kachhe thaake na...

Read-only file access kore kono laav hoy na....

Life is alwayz enjoyable to me... atleast I try to do that...
& that very moment life started throwing challenges to me...

I enjoy that.. I love to see myself as a winner...
Tobe sab juddho ki jeta jay?

For me life is a journey...where we meet loads of people...
Some of them become friends.. some remain unknown... some find their station in the mid-way...
& some of them becomes companions for the rest of the journey...
& the journey is full of adventure....
a journey towards unknown destination....

tobu hariye jete ichhe hoy majhe majhe..hoyto...
Ojanar kachhe...Ojanaar pothe...Ojanaar kole....matha rekhe