Friday, May 09, 2014

D.I.A.R.Y- Dear I’ll Always Remember You


Right in front of me!!
From the long lost memories!!!
The pages were burnt!!
The pages that I took the pain to burn off!!
The pages that were lost!!!

My diary!!
The age to be vulnerable!!
The age to be immature!!
The age to love!!
The age to get the heart broken!!
Yes, 18!!!
I poured my heart out in you.
I cried in front of you!
I conspired with you!!

You saw…
You listened!!
You saw me killing myself!!
You said nothing!!
You were my secret!!
My sweet little secret!!
You were my friend!!
My trusted friend!!

And then you are right here in front of me!!
After so many years!!
Black, maroon, green and red!!
The pages, the secrets, the tears!!
Time to burn them all again!!
Bury them with all the words, hidden inside.
My Diary-
Dear I’ll Always Remember You!

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