Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Poison Ivy

He looked back at the crossroad through the car window. He never really thought he has to cross this path in his life and now when he did, he is feeling numb.

The scent of women, the silky smooth skin has always been his drug. He always felt better and energized after playing with a young women’s body. It was his driving force.  Even at this age he felt proud of his body and how he still excites the girls who are half age of his.

The red light is still on and the huge traffic jam in front strangely didn’t disturb him anymore. He has all the time now.

He thought about last night. Her silky smooth brown skin and black shoulder length hair made her look like a goddess. With every thrust he could see her pain and yet she didn’t give in. She urged for more and more. He became a demon and ravaged her. Her magical scent drove him crazy. Her kohl smudged eyes took him to another world altogether. All these years he almost forgot that animal inside him still exists.

The light turned yellow. With that growing and burning chest pain he looked at the photograph and the note behind again.

It was her photograph with her mother that she intentionally left behind.
The photograph shocked him.

He knew her mother!!!!!!!!!!!

Many years back, they knew each other… "well”. The scent of her body once drove him nuts. Her eyes once took him to another world. A few nights of togetherness and a few nights of wild lovemaking is all he could remember.

A line was written on the backside of the photo.

“Happy Father's Day Dad. Hope you liked the gift last night”

With the growing pain on chest, his world suddenly went Black. The traffic light has turned Green now.


Maniparna Sengupta Majumder said...

A touching story..but I wonder even such demonic incest relationship could move a person like 'him'...this man you've described and his ilk are never ashamed of their deeds..

Debaditya said...

Very intriguing... feels like the climax of a far longer and a complex story !!!

provocatively beautiful !!

Nabanita Dutta said...

@debaditya- thanks a lot....for the kind words :) it always feels great to get comments from you...

Nabanita Dutta said...

@Maniparna- thanks al ot for ur comment :)

well, having sex with his own love child? well, may be if he did it intentionally, then it was different...and here, the girl came to take one likes to stand at the losing end...for the guy that is another thing. he always thought he could use others but here he is been used and thrown away...well that is how I think he would react...but yours point is valid too.. :)