Thursday, June 05, 2014

Are you Connected?

Technology was supposed to bring us all closer.
Well, I have 400+ friends on facebook- if you can call that coming closer to so many people at once.
I keep updating my status on facebook multiple times in a day.
I love sharing pictures on Instagram. I love talking non stop on Twitter.
However, still at the end of the day I sometimes feel lonely.
And when I wonder- I find out, that I am not really getting closer to most people.
There is a void I sometimes feel inside.
But then, staying away from home, staying away from friends- You need a medium to be in touch always.
I am always connected with people via whatsapp, Facebook or Twitter using my phone and Tab.
Few days back I was checking a new tablet.
I just realized- it is the obsession of staying connected that drives me
I realized it is the obsession to know about the news and what’s happening around the world-
I realized it is the obsession to find myself in the cyber world that drives me…
May be it is not bringing people closer really…
But Virtually it is…
I am happy with that…
I am happy with the tech savvy tag that I got.

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