Tuesday, June 17, 2014

From Spring to Ashes

The night was growing old and her eyes were still wide open. The kohl is now smudged and the red lipstick is no more there. The calling bell never rang.

She waited till it was dawn and then she slept there.

It was raining that night. The champagne worked on him. His eyes all over her and the sparkle in his eyes was enough for her to take the next step. However, the restaurant was really not the place.
They kissed in the rain. Inside the cab they cared for no one. The cab driver looked in the mirror many times but they did not care.
His hand all over her, the warmth breath of his on her nape and the sensation all over her body- they craved for more and more.

She did not want it that day. It was late and the weather was bad. She thought of making it special. When he wanted to come in, she stopped him there. The next night she thought would be perfect.
Virginity was sacred and she wanted to wait for the right person and right moment to lose it to.

The right moment never came….
She was in his thought, when the high beam of the opposite truck made him blind. He felt nothing afterwards…..
It’s been 2 yrs! She is still waiting…
Wearing makeup, lighting candles…

The calling bell never rang!!


Maniparna Sengupta Majumder said...

Short and precise..a touching one..

Anita said...

Sad story... We keep waiting without knowing..

Nabanita Dutta said...

Thanks a lot both of you for the encouraging words....

Yes, if only we could know what are we waiting for