Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Secret Lullaby

My hands are shaking.
I should avoid offering you any beverage.
Why did you come here? How did you get my address?
For years I have waited just for you.
You never showed up.
My life became a complete mess.
It’s been two decades. And you are here.
I can see your lips moving.
I cannot hear anything.
You are saying something.
Oh, water. You need water.
I should offer you something with that.
Your fingers touched mine.
No, I don’t remember the first touch anymore.
It’s been more than 25 years now.
That silver streak in your forehead is saying a lot.
I saw your book. I never bought it.
You look pale.
You need not apologize.
I lack mercy. You know that.
I am being normal. You are being smarter.
I don’t like smart asses.

I like snakes.
I have many, in my store room.
Their hissing sound makes the perfect lullaby for me. 
I feed them.
I feed them in the hope that one day you will show up.
Today, is the day…..

“Would you like to have some “flavored” tea??…aah, just as I thought. Let me make it for you then. You will love it.”.


Abhirup Chakrabarty said...

Very well written. The suppressed anger/frustration in the character has been portrayed wonderfully.

Nabanita Dutta said...

Thanks :D

Pankti Mehta said...

I like revenge :)

Nabanita Dutta said...

Thanks a lot Pankti :)