Sunday, October 31, 2010


Raat purechhe chaander chhoyay
Megher faanke neerer aashay;
Chaandni raate khola jaanlay
Notun shuru premer ochhilay...
Ekla aache dariye mon
Ekakitter khujchhe karon;
Okaal smriti drisshyomaan
Moner kone roye pichhutaan...
Firbena se somoy kaal...
Bolchhe somoy- "Egiye Chol".


Sourabh said...

A deep sigh is what this poem made me to have... This poem of yours is such that it doesn't agitate much but silently speaks many things about the inner thoughts of reality which we need to face at times.

I liked the way you have written this - where you and only you reflects on the your inside and the world outside amidst a calm, gentle ambiance.

Really refreshing to read a different style of yours. Lovely !!!

Abhirup Chakrabarty said...


Yes, 'egiye chol' ... :) ..

and khujte gele drishti dooor-e korish na..pashe dekhe nish.. :) ...