Saturday, January 04, 2014

End of a dream....and world!

…….And then I checked your mobile. Your inbox was empty.
I had to kill you.
I always feared that you would got hurt while cutting things with this knife. Now it seems handy for me to have my work done.
You made no sound.
The crimson liquid was getting soaked in the white bed sheet.
You still look beautiful.
Just an hour ago, when you were still sitting on my couch, sipping my glass of wine- I was looking at you.
I saw that spark in your eyes…I started undressing you… For the last time.
The luscious lips as always got all my attention- and other parts too.
I was searching in your body that you thought as exploring….
I was searching for a way to kill you… to free you from your burden…
I know you have made that call to them… they are coming to arrest me, to take me to unknown prisons.
I can hear their movement on the stairs now…2 more minutes…
You once said that you do not want to live after I die…
I fulfilled that wish… I freed you from that… I freed you from your consequences…
The footsteps are coming closer…
My time has come…
Click…click click… its EMPTY!!!! Where are the bullets??? Why did you hide them???? I need them…
The footsteps came to a halt….

“We know you are inside!!! Surrender yourself NOW!!! There is no way to escape from here…” 


Abhirup Chakrabarty said...

darun lekha ta ... tan tan and a tad disturbing too :) ..

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