Thursday, September 09, 2010


Sopnera sab hariye gechhe
Niruddesher paane...
Ebaar aami debo paari
Ojanaar sondhaane.

Hawar saathe urchhe sopno
Dhulobaalir jhor-e...
Thunko boroi; Vongur ora,
Sudhui Venge pore.

Odhora sab sopnogulo
Ronger chhnoway chhobi...
Venge gele chhoriye pore
Chhera tukro sab-e...

Mrityu ghote ogochore
Koto sopno chhobir...
Khoj melena hothat kore
Ekla moner chaabir.


Sourabh said...

Probably the easiest of your composition to understand yet reading over few times made me realize the underlying things that left unspoken to feel...

Brilliant, amazingly beautiful how a relation between one's dream and one's inner self has been depicted. Too wonderful a composition this one's !!!

Abhirup Chakrabarty said...

etar comment ta toke phone-e diyechhi.

And kemon hoyechhe sheta ar bollam na.It inspired me to write 2-3 lines after quite a long time :) ..

WaltBayliss said...

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llq said...

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