Thursday, June 04, 2009


Ora pother dhare goragori dey
Dhulobali mekhe;
Kana chal r mota bhaate
Din katay sukhe.

Chherakhora jama pore
Haat baariye daray;
Vanga khelnay anondo pay
Nalar jole jhapay...

Footpath e haath mele dey
Aadhuli poisa futo;
Sobuj baatir wrong route-e
Kheluk saap-ludo.

Dekhe vaabi esab niyei
Aache ora besh;
Moi diye opore uthe
Saap er mukhe sesh...


Abhirup Chakrabarty said...

Already told you about this. Fantastic piece.Very well written and the way you express yourself is the thing to look out for.
Darun hoyechhe...kudos!![:)]...

Sourabh said...

"Moi diye opore uthe
Saap er mukhe sesh..."
What a line... Simply outstanding !!!
It's a topic which probably as far as I remember you touched for the first line... But still sensitivity is evident in every line, bizzare yet expressive highly !!!
Good begining...