Sunday, October 21, 2007


Slowly, Silently
Darkness falls down
in my mind;
With the touch...
Warmth of your breath; of a kind.

I became dead once;
Because of my poisonous love
for you...
But I fought back
To won the battle;
Do you know?

And today I'm alive...
No more death...
Itz life... I do believe.


Abhirup Chakrabarty said...

Return of my lady[:)] & with a nice,short,simple & a sweet one.

Fight..yes we did..against all odds..and here we are coveted in each other's arms...the war is over & alive we are,living our life to the fullest..

gone are those shady days of dreariness,gone are those insecurities of life,gone are those days when we both struggled hard to come to terms with life....peace now,after forever..[:)]...

Life's all about living it..

Nice return to form my sweetheart[:)]..I an feel the emotions,the passion in this one.[:)]

Nabanita said...


Vinay said...

Hey Nabanita,

"Poisonous Love" is a wonderful term. I can relate to it. It's when u love someone so much that it is dangerous for that what we call Explosive love?[;)]

No more death.

If you would allow me to, I would make a small change to the last line alone.

This is what you wrote:
"Itz life... I do believe."
I would change it to:
"Itz life I believe in/now". The "Now" is optional.

Beautiful short poem.

I liked the rhyme, Mind/Kind. Beautifully placed.


Nabanita said...

hey Vinau...thanx

Vinay said...

hey how do u like the new poem?