Thursday, February 01, 2007

Forever Darling, ...always

Special thanks to- Sudipto Mukherji

Tomorrow is never guaranteed
we take for granted time
and all our worthwhile deeds
if i should die before i wake
and the lord my soul does take
i have felt the earthquake
understand my bliss
know before i die
that i have never felt so nice
in the spirit of your arms

Tomorrow- a big word...a big uncertainty...
But do present means anything???
Present too is nothing but uncertainty.. nothing but pain...
Then why tomorrow only?
May be itz better for my heart to die before i wake...
But my conscience will not allow it...

So, in the end...this poem again representing usual
Forgive me...


arnab said...

nice one.short & sweet.
why against love?

AmitMakwana said...

hi Nabanita!
hope u r doing fine!
its so emotional n sentimental mood in the poem!
nice outburst!
anyways,i am sure,u must be studying hard! all the best dear!