Saturday, June 25, 2016

One more time

Is it cold you are feeling?
Your shivering is making me shiver too, but there is an excruciating pain I am feeling at the back of my head that I cannot express in words.
I love this shirt of yours, it suits you. It makes you look elegant and corporate.
Look at me! Please!

Your hair is so disheveled, your eyes are vague, were you drinking tonight?
The leaves are not moving, it is the silence of graveyard, isn’t it?
Your phone, where is it? Never saw your without it. You always had some or the other thing to do with it. Yes, work.

You know, I am having this crushed feeling, behind the head, eyes, everywhere.
How would you know? My ramblings had never meant a thing to you.
Look!! The leaves are moving, nice breeze on your face. Your hair and face can feel the breeze now.
Oh, you don’t look happy about it. Why? Is it because you couldn’t ignite your cigarette in the breeze. I might suffocate you know. So may be, it is better this way.
I am already suffocating; you should not increase that pain.

Are you in love? Well, no, of course I know. All I want to know is, can you love again?
Your eyes are saying everything. I am still there, still inside your brain and heart.


I am a corpse now.
I only exist in memories. This graveyard is my home now and there is no eternity.
So, my love, breathe. Breathe till you can, open your eyes. Fall in love.
Fall in love, one more time.

It is late, you should leave the graveyard now. You do not belong here.
If you need anything, you will always find me here.
Waiting for you.
Looking at you.

Beside you.

Loving you.

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