Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Dear Mom,

I am growing up, everyday, bit by bit.
I am now feeling when you are sad, when happy.
I can hear you talking to papa.
Mom, I can now feel my hands and legs. Here everything is dark, but very comfortable.
When you rub your hand on me from outside, I sleep comfortably. I cannot wait for the day when I will come out and see you. I think you will be happy to see me too. I will be a girl, just like you.

Mom, are you unhappy? I do not feel your hand anymore.
Mom, what are you talking about with papa?
Mom, do you not want me? Do you not want me to see?
Mom, am I causing you so much pain?
Mom, they are sucking me out with high pressure.
Mom!!!! I don't want to leave you!!
Mom!!! Stop this pressure.
Save me!!!
Save me!!!


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