Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Closure

I had to kill you!

Everyday with the growing suffocation I felt like sinking in a deep, dark sea. I had to escape from there. Survival, you see, the toughest thing and I knew I only had one option to choose from.

The day I first got to know about you, I felt a certain tremor inside. I felt the pain in my heart that soon I have to decide. I thought if I try I could love you, but you know all those things they write in books and magazines are fake and no matter I hard I tried I couldn't like you a bit.

Everyday I felt you inside me and everyday my hatred grown bit by bit.
You reminded me of a lot of things that I wanted to forget. 
Your existence was painful for me, my dreams and my wings.
Yes, your existence was like chopping off my wings and I could never accept that.

I wish I could control my anger and frustration towards you. Really?, No, actually I wish for no such things. I never wanted you to be a part of my life and I did not want you to have such a "love-less" life to start with. 

I know you might call me selfish, may be I am. But it is my life, and you would never be able to get the love you need from me. I wanted to free you from that lifelong pain.

You know, I had nobody to reason with, and may be, may be you would understand my reasons...or may be my words sound like meaningless justification to you or may be I am a selfish person looking for some closure with you to get rid of my guilt....may be, may be....

May be some memories are better left locked and thrown away---my unborn child.

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