Monday, January 12, 2009


vaalo aachho?
roj sokaler judho...
Sobar mon jitte tumi...
Diner seshe klanto..
Ektu bishram cheye shranto...

tumi kemon aachho?
Kemon chhile?
Sei chhotto tumi...
Hoyto amaari moton...
Naki onnorokom tumi?

din shuru hoy tomay dekhe,
tomaro ki hoto taai?
Naki tomar jibon chhilo
Onek beshi kothin,
Onek chorai utraai?

jaanina kemon chhilo sedin,
Jaani tobe, sedin chhilo
taai aaj tumi emon;
sabar majhe sera;
"Maa er cheye vaalo aachhi"
bolbo na to aami..
tomar jonnyo chinechi duniya,
kharap vaaloy cholte...
tomar sathe vaalo aachhi...
Setaai chaai bolte..."

Maa er cheye vaalo?Jaanina seta kemon...somosto kaaj kormer majheo amaar din er shuru maa er saathe..r sesh o taai..klanto din er seshe baari phire maa er sathe 10mins kotha..shorir kharape maa ese pashe boshe mathay haat dile...amaar ostitwo to sei manushtar thekei.. manush tar chhotobela, kaishor jemoni chhilo, se orokom chhilo taai se amaake nijeke jibone egote shikhiyechhe...taai "Maa er theke vaalo aachhi" eta bola hoyto meye hoye kokhonoi somvob noy....

(Writing this one for a magazine....)


Sourabh said...

This one's I would say a fantastic and amazing writing. So little things woven in such a lovely touchy manner that it overflows the love for mother automatically.
An amazing thing I wondered in this is it's very daily basic thoughts which have been dug deep, very deep.
Keep it up... Great writing.

Prince Kazarelth said...

Okay, truth to be said, I didn't understand most of it since Bengali isn't my language.
But the line "Maa er theke vaalo aachhi" struck a cord, since the sentence after that makes the truest sense; do correct me if I am wrong!

I came here for a slightly selfish reason:- Fractal Jigsaw is up again after a hiatus of five months with a new story. Since you did like the previous one, I figured you might be interested in the new one.


Atanu said...

I have said earlier and I am reiterating here again, although this may have been written from a daughter’s point of view, it’s equally true for a son. That’s why all the comments you have received are from sons!!! You have succeeded in making my eyes moist and feel a lump in my throat. You have reminded me of my school days, when my mother used to wake up at 4 o’ clock in the morning, cooked for the joint family, made me, my father and uncle ready for the school and offices, do all the household stuffs, travel one hour to collect me from school, help me with studies and cook dinner!

Even now whenever I am in Kolkata, I ask her to keep her palm on my forehead so that I could be at peace. Ami ek matro shontan, tai loke bole amake ghire amar Maayer jibon - hobe hoyto, bujhi na. Tobe maa je amar jibon take ghire aagle rekheche sheta protiniyoto onubhob kori......

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