Wednesday, January 18, 2017

~Beyond the dreams~

Far away there's a mountain top
That feels the blue,
Atop the mountain is a place for me,
To stand and say, how much I love you!

Where no one can hear my screams,
No one knows, what's inside my dreams,
Where silence will guide my words,
To tell you, to bring my love forward.

My words get lost in the crowd,
Amidst the eyes and masks that hurt,
Invade the deepest darkest thoughts of my heart;

There's the lonely mountain far away,
I will look at its snow smeared peak and scream;
From the edge of my window, I'll cry;
My silence will be broken,
With the lonely sunset and it's pain.

And then,
Don't look for me here,
As, I will reborn from the pain and fear,
My life will flow in silence
With sunshine some days ;
And, at night moon will sing lullaby;
To make me dream again, someday.

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