Wednesday, July 30, 2014

RIP Humanity

I don't really post on current affairs and political news. But this time I am making an exception. 

Few days back I saw somebody posted on Facebook that people are so bothered with Gaza that they forgot about “Kargil Day”. I couldn’t agree with it. As far as I can remember I was in 8th standard when Kargil war happened. It was terrible and even though any social networking sites weren't there we were all updated through the news channels and news papers.
However, we can let it rest in peace and in the past now.
On other hand, any war is the excuse of mass murder. Be it in Israel, Palestine, India, and Afghanistan or in any country.
Water, border, rights of the refugees- it seems Israel and Palestine have decided to not to agree on peace at all.
The only power plant was hit yesterday by shelling.
The pictures are all over the internet.
They are scary…
They make me believe that humanity is truly lost...
By the name of self defense what is happening there can be named as Mass Murder. I am sorry if I can find out any other term right now.

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