Friday, March 28, 2014

Nomenclature of myself

What’s in a name…
The first time I read Romeo Juliet I understood the question and the importance of my name. Though Romeo did say to Juliet that there is nothing in a name and you can call a rose by any name but I did not agree with that.

I always thought I have a pretty common name. Nabanita- a very common Bengali name and I was not really happy with it. After reading Romeo Juliet I asked my mom the meaning of my name. I never liked my name and so I never felt the urge to ask her why she gave me this name. When I came to know the meaning from her I liked the name. Don’t know whether it’s the meaning or the feeling I got after reading Romeo Juliet but I started falling in love with my name.

My name means- a lady with various new avatars. I loved the meaning and today I am proud of my name. I do not want to be Juliet or princess or Angel anymore. Romeo Juliet dies but they helped me to understand the importance of my name. I grew up and when it came to sign documents I started using my name as my signature without my surname in it. I was madly in love with my name by then.

I hate when people write the wrong spelling of my name. I even hate more when they pronounce my name differently. My name is my identity. Even though I am not a celebrity one day those who know me directly and those who know me through my blog posts, will recognize me. BECAUSE, I am what I am- mad, crazy, stupid, insane and cutely imperfect. May be I don't have the perfect them, but I love every imperfection  (if any) about it. It was given by my mom. She is no more with me, but today I treasure everything I got from her. Another and most important reason to love my name even more. Yeah, I am possessive about my name. Can't really help that.

I am simple. I am complex.
I am wise. I am stupid.

I am me. I am Nabanita.


Pradip Biswas said...

I knew from my grandma a diiferent meaning. I do not know whether it is wrong or right. Nobonit is another name of Sri KrishnaJi. Naboni is the name of Matha. Nabonita is another name of Sri Radha. Nabonitas that i know are all very famous and popular persons. Hope one day you shall become so.

Nabanita Dutta said...

Okay. May I said I could never find any meaning of my name. so, if it's the name of sri radha then that's another beautiful reason to love my name even more :)

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