Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dear Wifey,

Why are you looking at me like that!!!???
Oh yes, I love this tie and I will wear this one today.
What?? You don’t think it is going with my shirt?
No, I like it and I will wear this. I don’t care about fashion.
No, I like your choice, but I like this shirt and tie too.
Nooo, I love your choices.
Okay, I won’t wear this... :(

The bed is untidy because I was sitting there.
Ohh yes, I like my music LOUD…. Yesss L.O.U.D.
No, I am not going to clean the toilet.
What!! No, I am not asking you to do this either.
I have work to do. I go to office.
Yes, You have work too but…
I did not mean that…
You do not have to handle your mood swing!!
I mean, course yes... :(

I do not make sound while chewing...ermm Do I? :-/
I do know how to organize my wardrobe. It is not neat but I can find things from here.
I don’t like your hot pant or that low neck line.
I am not… I didn’t mean…I know you look great in those…in everything..ermm in nothing…aahh..hawt!! ouch!!
What!! Noo, I am not arguing…
I mean, Noo, you are wrong! No, right … but I just want to put forward a few points…
No honey, you are ummm yeah right... :(

Don’t look at me like that!
Don’t touch me like that!! It makes me…aahhhhh…mmmm
What!! I am not a pervert!!
I might not be the ideal “gentle”man  but I thought girls don’t like it to be gentle!
I DID not mean it that way…By girls I meant you…
Okay, this argument I mean conversation ermm discussion is not going anywhere…
I am getting late for work..
Bye honey.
I will be back on time.
I am still learning…
Trying hard…to be the BEST HUSBAND!
What!! Now you don’t like that either?? :(

I don't understand, what should I do.... :-/

Okay, bye munchkin!


sam mjee said...

Haaha ... Lovely .... Nok jhokh

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